Connect / Belong

As Christian City church grows it is harder for those in leadership to meet each individual's needs. Connect groups are a way we can remain intimate, meeting needs, and empowering others to lead with the desires placed inside of them. 

We have 4 types of groups

Sermon Series

A weekly group that discusses and answers questions laid out by the Sunday sermon.

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A weekly or monthly group that reads a book and comes together to discuss it.

Soup Kitchen

A weekly or monthly group that enjoys doing activities with other people.

Hiking Boots

A group that has a passion for a particular issue or need and values working together as a team to meet the needs.

Current groups


Ted & Kristy Sullivan


Type: Study Group / Sermon Series

Location: 7105 Moonlight Dr, Manhattan (Churchill)

Time: Tuesday 7:00pm

Contact: Ted Sullivan (608.371.4431)


Jeanette Swimm

No Childcare

Type: Study Group

Location: 6268 Pleasant St, Manhattan (Churchill)

Time: Thursday 7:00pm 

Contact: Jeanette Swim (406.282.6017)


Caleb & Amanda Cordato

No Childcare

Type: Study Group / Young Adults

Location: 2827 Jackrabbit Lane, Bozeman

Time: Thursday 6:45pm  

Contact: Caleb (406.589.5035) or Amanda (406.548.7574)


Ruth Shevchenko

No Childcare

Type: Study Group 

Location: 3673 Pipestone St., Bozeman

Time: Wednesday 7pm

Contact: Ruth Shevchenko (406.223.7612)


Kevin & Elizabeth Germann


Type: Family Study / Activity 

Location: 79 Keri St. Manhattan (Churchill) 59741

Time: Every Other Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

Contact: Kevin Germann (406.539.0988)


Women's Bible Study


Type: Study / Activity Group 

Location: C3 Church

Time: Friday Morning 10:00 - 12:00

Contact: Trisha Dagarin (406.570.4818)


Service Prep / Worship & Prayer

No Childcare

Type: Ministry

Location C3 Church

Time: Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm

Contact: Jeff Kitto (406.539.1297)


Catalyst Youth

No Childcare

Type: Youth / Activity

Location: C3 Church

Time: Friday 6:30-8:30pm 

Contact: Aaron Flood (208.304.4004)