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The Power Of Words

Words have tremendous power. The Bible says that our words have the power to bring death and life, to bring healing and hurt. With words God created all things. With words Jesus calmed storms, healed the sick, and raised his friend from the dead. With words, we have the ability to share our testimony and speak life to the world around us. This series takes a look at how we can use our words intentionally as a powerful weapon for good.

Choose Your Words

Power Of Words: Part 1

7.3.2022 / David Runia

Listen To Him

Power Of Words: Part 4

7.25.2022 / Aaron Flood

Use Your Words

Power Of Words: Part 2

7.10.2022 / David Runia

Power Word

Power Of Words: Part 5

7.31.2022 / Michael Howard

The Word Is Working

Power Of Words: Part 3

7.17.2022 / David Runia