What Next?

If you have made a decision to follow Jesus, we want to hear all about it! We can also help with some next steps as you embark on this amazing journey.

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Baptism is a symbol of your old self dying (going under the water) and the new you being raised to life (coming up out of the water) by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Newcomer Class

If you are new to Christian City Church, you might have some questions! Our newcomer class is a great opportunity to ask questions, get to know the pastors, and to learn more about the DNA of the church.

Community Groups

Humans are created for connection and community. One of the major ways God speaks to us, works in our lives, and grows us up into maturity, is through community.

Check out our sermon series on community!

Serving Teams

If you want to get more connected at Christian City Church, there is no better way than joining a team to serve on. Serving is a great way to learn, grow, and discover who God has created you to be. Even more, it is an opportunity to meet amazing people, find a place to use your gifts, and to invest in the local church.